About Us

History- The Radford High School Foundation, Inc. was formed as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in 1986 for the purpose of supporting and enhancing Radford’s already successful school system. The foundation began as primarily an academic supporter, but has been able to further major athletic facility initiatives by acting as liaison in public/private projects. The foundation has also donated more than $510,000 in classroom grants and scholarships to all four of the city schools.

Major Athletic Contributions to Radford- The Radford High School Foundation, Inc. has created several project funds which support athletic programs in the school system. In addition, the foundation served as liaison in a major public/private effort to deliver the James P King Center on the RHS Campus in 1999, a $1.2 million design/build strength and fitness facility. In 2003, the foundation spearheaded the drive to construct the Radford Municipal Baseball Field near the Recreation Center on George Street. Phase one of the public/private project continues with the foundation having raised over $600,000.

Long Term Vision- While the Radford High School Foundation, Inc. recognizes the importance of academic programs and teaching excellence, we take the position that quality schools and athletic facilities are vitally important to the educational curriculum, and are equally important in promoting quality of life for young and old alike in the community. We believe that top quality facilities bring visitors (tourism) to our community, which in turn is positive for business and the local economy.

Challenges Related to Recreation Facilities- The development of the Radford Recreation Center was perhaps the top recreational enhancement for all citizens since Bisset Park was developed in the 1970’s. The lack of available land within the city limit for new facilities makes strategic planning a must for top quality recreational facilities for both the schools and the local citizens.

Partnering- Radford High School Foundation, Inc. has been successful in working with local government officials, city staff, school administrators, alumni and friends of the Radford City School system in advancing the athletic facility improvements mentioned above. The foundation has been able to advance programs/projects with the financial support of the RHS Booster Club and various civic and community groups. The private sector has been especially supportive with financial contributions, which we believe shows strong endorsement for both academic excellence and quality athletic facilities.

George A. Williams, Jr.